Breakthrough Coaching

Have you experienced a significant loss?

You’ve done the hard work of grieving but you’re struggling to put your pieces back together in a way that allows you to live a meaningful and rich life?

Are you ready to let go of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt?

Are you ready to see a new future for yourself?

Are you ready to reclaim your life post-loss?

If you have said YES, then Resilience Coaching may be right for you.

As a Certified Master Practitioner and Coach of Neurolinguistics Programming, Time Line Therapy ®, and Hypnotherapy, I offer a unique approach to grief support. In our work together, you’ll be guided through exercises that allow you to release deep emotions, without the need to relive traumatic experiences. As a result, you’ll be better equipped to show up in your life and design a future you’re excited to achieve.

As a Coach, my approach is very different from traditional therapy. Together, we will identify your challenges so I can help you discover new ways of thinking and provide coaching to move beyond the current blocks. With this style of coaching, you are responsible to achieve the outcomes. You always have control over your results; I will simply guide you there.

Resilience Coaching is a deep-dive, intensive process. You will learn a lot, clear a lot, and make space for the future you long for. It’s exciting, fun (yes, fun), fast, and powerful work.

Resilience Coaching Package – 12 hours:

Comprised of four (4) 3-hour sessions OR two (2) 6-hour sessions (retreat style, so breaks built into the schedule)

Coaching is conducted via Zoom.

If you are ready to reclaim your life and you are looking for a compassionate guide, click the schedule below to book your call. In your complimentary 30-min consultation, we’ll dive deep into what’s not working in your life and what changes you’d like to see. You’ll walk away with new insight into your situation by taking this first step.

(All coaching offerings are self-pay. This style of coaching does not qualify as therapy or counseling under the health insurance model.)


“Approximately six months ago, I was referred to seek out Emily’s services for my terrible stress headaches that were interfering with my life. I began to experience some relief after two or three CranioSacral sessions. I am very grateful that after another few visits, I noticed that my headaches were much less frequent and less intense.

I enjoy talking to Emily during my treatments. She is funny and interesting, and I look forward to continuing to work with her going forward. I never saw myself going to a therapist like Emily, but I am so pleased that I did.”

— Shaun S. Poland, ME

“I initially reached out to Emily seeking relaxation, but little did I know that I would find someone who truly understood my aches and pains and how to work with everything my body was going through. About a month after my initial session, Emily reached out and I told her how much pain I had been in from a lingering injury.

My body was a mess and it was affecting me physically and emotionally. There was a lot of time and energy going into healing my injury and I just felt stressed and frustrated. Emily has provided wonderful suggestions, both physical and emotional, to implement between sessions.

After about three session, I felt like I can actually do all the things that I want to do – snowboard, go to yoga, and just generally not feel like I’m constantly hurting. I’ve also been working on letting go of the stress and Emily has been immensely helpful with that as well.

I’m grateful to have found Emily, someone who not only truly listens but also heals in such a beautiful way.”

— Meghan M. Portland, ME

“I first came to Emily two years after foot-reconstruction surgery. I was able to walk and do some of the activities I once enjoyed previously to surgery, but I was struggling with significant pain after doing these activities. I was at the end of my line with physical therapy and nothing else seemed to get me beyond the chronic pain I was experiencing.

I started seeing Emily after a recommendation from another patient who was successfully managing their pain with her services. I had a lot of questions about how this worked, and Emily was very good about guiding me though each step.

By my sixth session with Emily I experienced a noticeable turning point in my pain. Within in four months, I had greater improvement in post-activity pain than I had in nearly two-years of physical therapy. Finally, I was able to reengage in with things that bring joy to my life- I hiked two 10-mile hikes in less than two weeks and experienced zero post-activity pain!

I have continued to see Emily for several issues that have occurred since my initial treatments and the results have been the same. Emily provides guidance through the process of her work and creates a space where I am comfortable to receive it. Since first seeing Emily for my pain, I have developed a greater understanding of my own body’s needs and what is required to maintain balance in my health and life.”

— Mallory C. New Gloucester, ME



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