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My name is Emily Dziedzic, founder and operator of Mind Body Grief. I am a Grief Coach who works with women who are ready to reclaim their life after loss.

As a Certified Master Practitioner and Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy ®, and Hypnotherapy, I provide women with the tools needed to regain footing in their life following a significant loss.

Significant loss can include, but is not limited to:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Medical diagnosis for you or a loved one
  • Pregnancy loss/Infertility
  • Loss of safety after trauma
  • Divorce or relationship breakup

These kinds of losses impact the mind and the body both immediately after the event and in the inevitable grief that follows. 

If you have experienced a significant loss and you’re ready to reclaim your life, then grief coaching may be a good fit for you. With grief coaching, you’ll have a safe space to release negative emotions, a compassionate guide for your process, and you’ll learn tools and resources to help navigate the journey. 

Feel like you haven’t grieved enough? Or not at all? Or you haven’t grieved well? Then Grief Completion may be right for you. In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll come to completion with your lost loved one, reconnect to them in a new way, and have a sense of closure that will allow you to move forward in your life.

Whether you’re a grief professional who is looking for new resources or you are someone who is grieving looking for new tools, I offer a variety of trainings to help you reach your goals. Trainings include NLP, Time Line Therapy (R), Hypnosis, as well as weekend workshops.

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About Me

I have spent the last 18 years serving as a volunteer at Camp Sunshine, a retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. I also served on the board for Team Telomere, a non-profit that supports families affected by Telomere Biology Disorders, from 2016-2020. I have learned so much from watching families navigate a life they never imagined with courage, grace, and strength. They have inspired me to provide this safe space for others who are navigating the murky waters of loss.

Prior to my work in the healing arts, I spent ten years in the aviation industry, having earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in aviation management. After classic corporate burnout, I turned towards the healing arts and CranioSacral Therapy found me while I was supporting a loved one through his critical medical event. I watched a session and it was a miraculous, life-changing moment for me (and for him). I witnessed the power of this work and am humbled to practice it now.

When I’m not working on my passion projects, I’m an avid traveler, a Thai food lover, a dedicated platelet donor, a pilot, and nature enthusiast.



“I found Emily after suffering an unexpected loss of a close family member.

Her combined approach utilizing CranioSacral therapy and therapeutic conversation before and after each session can only be described as holistic with a true intent to heal.

She is an excellent listener and genuinely cares about her clients’ well-being, showcasing a warmth and lack of judgment that allows for honest, comfortable and communicative sessions from start to finish.

I would recommend Emily’s work to anyone looking to gain balance and stability through a difficult time—particularly those who are experiencing grief from a loss.”

— Erik N. Portland, ME

“I first sought Emily’s services because of chronic pain. I had an old injury that required hardware to be inserted into my bone and I was experiencing pain in that leg every day.

At that point I had done years of physical therapy, conventional massage and acupuncture with no consistent relief. Chronic pain permeated every facet of my life.

I was only in my early 30s, so this saddened me. It made me feel like I couldn’t be my athletic, outdoorsy self anymore.

My work with Emily was transformational. She helped me unwind all of the trauma my body had experienced. The improvements built over time. I experienced significant relaxation and new sensations of micro-movement in the first session. Then after 3 to 4 sessions, I began experiencing full-body changes between sessions.

Emily is a wonderful provider with a thoughtful, holistic approach. You never feel rushed. And she takes the time for whatever you have going on. Be it physical pain or emotional anguish, Emily guides you and your body to a better place.”

— Sam P. Portland, ME

“I was on a healing path to put my Lyme Disease into remission when I started working with Emily.

At my first appointment I was dizzy, nauseous and sad. Emily’s deep sense of compassion made it easy to sit with her and share everything I’d been going through.

I’ve worked with her nearly every week for 2 months now. She always remembers how I was the previous week — and she provides me with perspective on my progress.

She’s also genuinely interested in how I’m doing. If I need to share what’s on my mind, she makes time for that. Then together we decide what we’ll work on in our session.

My body is finally learning to relax. I didn’t even realize that was an option before! Now after each session, I feel ‘reset.’ Emily also gives me recommendations to help me stay that way between sessions.

She is kind, patient, compassionate, understanding and wise. I feel better knowing I have her as a healing resource and I’m thankful for her presence in my life.”

— Melina S. Portland, ME



You can call or email me with questions.

E-mail: Info@MindBodyGrief.com
Phone: (207) 536-8546


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